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Mobile apps to download while traveling.

Top Travel Apps to Fulfill your Wanderlust

Traveling is a fulfilling experience. You get to discover places and learn about new things. It’s nice to take a vacation every once in a while, but traveling is not all about enjoyment and fun. No one can deny that there is some stress and pressure involved, especially during the planning and booking stages. And when unexpected delays occur, such as flight delays, there are times that even other loved ones are affected, whether it’s coming from sudden schedule adjustments, safety concerns or other factors. So what do you do to minimize hassle? Along with preparing way ahead of time, you should also get some tools ready to get the most out of the trip. Given that almost everyone has a mobile device these days, apps are among the convenient tools to have for any activity. Thus, you should have at least one of the following top travel apps that belongs to each category listed below.

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Photo editing apps for travel pictures

Apps to Download for Perfect Travel Pictures

Pictures hold a special value for people because they help them remember some of the best moments of their lives.  However carrying a professional DSLR camera while traveling can be tedious. You don’t need to bring a professional camera thanks to the technological advancements. There are a number of applications that can create fantastic travel pictures which will make everyone fall in love with your captures!

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What “NOT” to buy at the Airport!

Traveling has gained much popularity all over the world and airports are being more and more crowded as time passes by. Regardless of where you are travelling, conventional wisdom tells us to arrive at least two hours prior to the flight at the airport, to avoid any delay. Once you drop  your luggage and pass through every security control you have plenty of time available at your disposal. Be it the over priced and low quality small restaurants or souvenirs, airport lounges are usually designed to cater to travelers willing to kill time.

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Why slow travel is the best way to travel

Slow Travel: Let The Real Adventure Begin

Travel for new experiences,  adventures and memories to cherish. Instead of trying to discover the whole destination in a day or two, switch to slow travel mode. Spend some quality time, explore and discover to stoke your wanderlust. Instead of planning and setting targets, opt for experiences rather than sight-seeing. Find out schedules for cheap flights to travel savvy. Embrace everything around you, immerse yourself in the local culture, try out new things and interact with people to learn about them.

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Book a Hotel Online: Tips and Tricks

Book a Hotel Online: Tips & Tricks

Choose your favorite destination for an exciting trip or a weekend getaway and book a hotel online to save time and money, following these guidelines:

Plan ahead

Plan your destination hotel with Tripkar.

Before you start searching for hotels, decide upon a set budget for accommodation purpose. This will help narrow down your search. Look for a reliable site such as that offers information regarding hotels and their relevant booking options. If you have a limited budget, fret not, as various hotels offer package deals for you to avail and enjoy a comfortable stay. Most importantly research thoroughly and make an informed choice, typically a hotel which is nearer to places you want to visit.

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