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travel first aid kit

Travel First Aid Kit

Traveling is supposed to be fun and that’s the way it should be for everyone. Yet if you are prone to allergies or tend to get sick while traveling to new places, it can turn into a nightmare! The best thing you can do to avoid this is to take proper precautions before and while traveling and prepare well in advance for any sort of emergencies. A good travel first aid kit is very handy in dealing with minor sicknesses, bruises, cuts and wounds, making it a must have for any traveler.

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picking a good hotel accommodation.

Picking a Good Hotel Accommodation

Picking a hotel to stay in, is the most crucial part of travel planning.  Here are five tips from Tripkar that will help you in picking a good hotel accommodation to fulfill your travel needs!


Obviously you cannot stay in a hotel which is out of your budget. While picking a good hotel accommodation, make an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on your accommodation and try finding a hotel which suits both your budget and your travel needs. Remember the best hotel is not the most expensive one, but which suits your needs the best!

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fun games for a long bus journey

Fun Games to play on a Bus Journey

Some bus rides can be excruciatingly long. Some can take as long as eternity. The point is that bus rides feel long and tiring and there should be a good way to pass the time on your energy draining journey. The options are limited since you’re sitting on a seat that isn’t really the benchmark for comfort. Reading a book? It can get mundane. Watching a movie? You can’t really sit with your neck in an awkward position for that long. The key to a good bus ride is simple, playing games! The best thing about games is that the only thing limiting you is your imagination (and the physical boundaries of an average-sized bus). Here are 6 legendary fun games that you can play to pass the time during a long bus ride.

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budget friendly vacation

How to have a Budget Friendly Vacation

Want a vacation but your wallet says no?  Want to travel the world, but instead you sit at work trying to earn enough money to be able to do that? What if I told you that it’s possible to have a decent vacation on a limited budget? Tripkar brings you a list of tips to have a fun and budget friendly vacation:

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