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make air travel easier

7 Items to Make Air Travel Easier!

Gone are the days when air travel used to be fun. From increasing security measures at the airports to luggage limitations and little foot room on the seats, air travel has become more of a torture rather than being an exciting and fun experience. However, there are ways to make air travel easier.

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Avoid getting sick on holidays.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick During Your Travels

Its winter and everyone has travel plans! You feel like you want to escape the boring everyday routine and jump into some adventure. It’s great to have an outdoor experience but when you pack your bags, don’t forget about your health! Here are a few tips on how you and your family can avoid getting sick during your travels.

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Travel Photography – Tips & Tricks

Are you an inspiring professional photographer looking for some advice to improve your skills? Or are you that person that brings his DSLR camera along while traveling and your friends make fun of you by saying, “Yaar DSLR kya ley lia, apnay aap ko photographer hi samajhna shuru ho gaye ho”? (You think you are a photographer just because you own a DSLR camera?). Tripkar brings you a list of tips regarding travel photography for you to click some beautiful pictures and relish memories!

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Book a Hotel Online with Tripkar

It’s the era of the internet and everyone is catching up quickly. From restaurant reservations to home food delivery services, everything has gone online! Booking a hotel online is no exception. We at Tripkar offer the best rates and various hotel options to choose from within Pakistan. No matter where you are traveling to, we will get you a reasonable deal with just a few clicks so that you can book a hotel online easily.

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