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Top 5 Entries for Discover Pakistan Photography Contest

Pakistan is blessed with the epitome of beauty. From mountains to beaches and deserts, we are blessed to have it all. To encourage people to share their travel stories with us Tripkar has organized a “Discover Pakistan” competition where fans were asked to submit pictures from their tours and travels.

Here are our favorite top 5 picks from the competition:

Hamza Jawad – Kanhatti Gardens

discover pakistan

Waqas Muzaffar – Clifton Beach

discover pakistan

Sheikh Fawad – Mahodand Lake

discover pakistan

Nabeel Shahid – Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

discover pakistan

Kanwar Daniyal – Kalam

discover pakistan

Want a chance to be a part of such contests and many other exciting opportunities? Stay updated with Tripkar and book tours to make lasting memories!

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