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Honeymoon in Istanbul

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Istanbul

Istanbul is undoubtedly an epitome of beauty. From turquoise blue waters and mindblowing architecture to stunning landscapes and modern tourist spots, Istanbul is a vibrant city and counted among some of the most popular tourist destinations. This beautiful place artfully blends two continents, Europe and Asia. For an exotic honeymoon, there is no better place: enjoy relishing Turkish delicacies, a romantic stroll on the shores of Bosphorus, historic landmarks and boating or a ferry ride through the breathtaking views of the islands and medieval villages.

Tripkar brings you a list of top five honeymoon spots in Istanbul for an undeniably romantic getaway:

Bebek Kahve

Bebek Kahve, Honeymoon spot in Istanbul

A beautiful water side café, where couples can sip delicious Turkish coffee or try the special ‘Sahlep’, a warm milky drink made from orchids and cinnamon, famous for its aphrodisiac powers. This place is not only famous for its beverages, but also serves the best leisurely breakfast meals, salads and pasta. Newly-wed couples can eat and enjoy the café’s picturesque parks. Originally formed in the 1940’s, the café has retained its repute to this day. Contemporary décor to a place where you can play a game of backgammon, Bebek Kahve is a must-visit honeymoon spot for couples.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge, Istanbul Turkey

Visit the Galata Bridge to experience Istanbul at its most unprecedented moment. The historic bridge is surrounded by beautiful mosques, and the water below the bridge provides a serene sense of calmness. The sunset forms a silhouette over the bridge providing a magical moment for couples. Luxurious hotels, restaurants and cafes surround this beautiful bridge for couples to enjoy.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Topaki Palace and Museum honeymoon spot in Istanbul

Built in 1478, Topaki Palace served as an educational, administrative and art center to the Turkish Empire for nearly four hundred years. This palace was once home to some of the most powerful sultans in the 15th and 19th century. Transformed into a museum in 1924, this place holds immense historical importance. Couples can watch in fascination, the beautiful jewelry and ornaments wore by Sultans, jewel filled treasury and the sprawling Harem. The Topaki Palace and Museum is surrounded by scenic gardens and has four courtyards. This museum is one of the main tourist attractions too. There is a church situated inside the premises that served as a mint, armory and hospital. The second courtyard was used as an administrative building and a courtyard, also known as the ‘Square of Justice’. The inner palace is adorned with fascinating artifacts and was a place assigned to the highest royals. Also known as ‘Enderun’, this place is connected to a beautiful passage to the marble terrace and imperial sofa courtyard. Dedicate a whole day to visit this palace-museum for an enriching experience with your spouse.

Kanlica Istanbul

Kanlica Istanbul turkey

Kanlica Istanbul, a small seaside village surrounded by wooden buildings and sea side mansions is one of the top most romantic honeymoon destinations in Istanbul.  This beautiful village is famous for ‘Kanlica Yoghurt’, which is especially prepared by using goat, cow and sheep’s milk and is served with castor sugar and strawberry jam. Couples can enjoy beautiful parks and gardens and take a romantic stroll along the sea side. There are famous Ottoman style water front mansions and wooden houses built in the 17th century. You can see famous historical places like ‘Iskander Pasa Mosque’, various jewelry stalls and café’s selling Turkish coffee offering a romantic as well as pleasant experience for couples.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia besutiful honeymoon spot in Istanbul

One of the chosen world heritage sites, Hagia Sophia is a must-visit place. Situated in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is a world filled with architecture and historical richness. Following its conquest by the Ottomans, Hagia Sophia formally served as the center of orthodox Christianity. By 1935, the place was converted into a Turkish museum by the orders of Attaturk, a Muslim ruler. This beautiful site is also the subject of worldwide acclaimed novel ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown. Famous for being mysterious and holding secrets to 1500 years of important world heritage, Hagia Sophia is the only building in the world that served as a religious sanctuary to three religions, Pagan, Christian Orthodox and Islam.

Compare flight rates to plan your honeymoon to Istanbul with tripkar. With pleasant weather and beautiful tourist spots this place is spectacular. Happy honeymoon!

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