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glaciers in pakistan

Top 8 Breathtaking Glaciers in Pakistan

Apart from beautiful lakes, high mountains, ancient architecture and historical landmarks, tourists are attracted by the large number of glaciers that exist in Pakistan. The development of accommodation including few hotel rooms in different areas for reservations has made it possible to travel to these glaciers. When snow, ice, rock and water accumulate, glaciers are formed and according to International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Pakistan has approximately 5218 glaciers. However, there are a few of these where tourists love to visit and most of those glaciers in Pakistan are in the Karakoram Range.

Considering the fact that global warming has become one of the major issues of our planet, these glaciers might not remain forever. So following are some glaciers in Pakistan that you must see soon if you plan to spend your vacations in Pakistan:

Baltoro Glacier

Baltoro Glacier is located in the Baltistan area.

The Baltoro Glacier is located in the Baltistan area, on the Southern slope of Karakoram Range. The reason of the popularity of this glacier is that it is the second longest glacier in Himalaya, 62 kilometers approximately. Baltoro Glacier is also one of the sources of Shigar River.

Siachen Glacier

 The world’s second longest glacier is Siachen glacier.

You probably have heard a lot about this glacier because this is reportedly the world’s second longest glacier, about 75 kilometers in length and 4.8 kilometers in width. It is located along the Pak-India line of control.

Hispar Glacier

hiking at Hispar Glacier is every adventure enthusiasts dream.

If you are an adventure lover and risk taker, you should definitely consider hiking at Hispar Glacier because you will come across boulders and streams. it is quite a challenging hike with a length of 49 kilometers. It is the dominant source of Hispar River.

Gondogoro Glacier

Concordia is one of the popular tourist destination.

Concordia being one of the popular destinations, boasts the magical view of this glacier. The beautiful sunbeams touching the sparkling ice gives a wonderful view of the beautiful glacier. Do not miss out on the opportunity to witness and capture the majestic view by taking some pictures.

Godwin-Austen Glacier

The Godwin-Austin Glacier is located in K2.

Located near the K2, the Godwin-Austin Glacier is in confluence with the Baltoro Glacier. In order to reach there, you need to plan your way through Skardu. Godwin-Austen Glacier is famous for trekking because trekkers are able to witness four eight-thousanders in the region.

Rupal Glacier

Rupal Glacier also known as Tashain Glacier and is situated to the South of very famous Nanga Parbat.

In the great Himalayas lies a beautiful glacier known as Rupal glacier. It has been named so because it is the source of Rupal River. It is also known as Tashain Glacier and is situated to the South of very famous Nanga Parbat.

Biafo Glacier

World’s third longest glacier extending to approximately 67 kilometers in length is the Biafo Glacier.

World’s third longest glacier extending to approximately 67 kilometers in length, Biafo Glacier is situated on the Karakoram Range. This glacier can also be approached via Skardu. It is often visited by tourists despite the absence of vegetation there.

Rakaposhi Glacier

Rakaposhi base camp.

The Rakaposhi mountain is popular for its beauty, hence this glacier becomes a must go place for tourists when visiting Hunza. The melted ice is a source of water for an eastern tributary of Hunza River. However, you need to be an adventurous individual to trek to Rakaposhi base camp. Plan your trip to Rakaposhi with Tripkar, your ultimate trip planner for a lifetime experience!

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