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best places in kalam swat pakistan

Top Best Places to Visit in Sawat offering the best Pakistan tour packages to Beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan. In this article we cover a list of Top places in Swat Valley you must visit during your tour to Valley of Swat. Swat is famous for Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan as it is full of natural beauty.

Swat truly called the Switzerland of East because of its magnificent landscapes and with the red hut cottages that remind us Switzerland. Swat Tour is full of amazeballs with dense deep forest with richly green alpine meadows, the swirling waterfalls with the roaring river. Sawat valley has a lot to offer for the tourist. Every year thousands of people visit this amazing valley and enjoy their time at different places in Swat Valley.

There are numerous Tourist Spot while exploring the region of Swat. We have a created a list of top places of Swat. Have a look:

Bahrain – Swat Pakistan

Top places in sawat Bahrain – Swat

Bahrain is a town located in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 60 km North of Mingora at an elevation of 4700 ft on the right bank of the Swat river. Pople stay in Bahrain swat during their journey to Kalam. Bahrain point has lot of foods point, hotels and resturants. Swat river enhance the beauty of Bahrain point for the tourist to there and enjoy the surrounding of Bahrain.

Hindukush Mountains – Swat Pakistan

Hindukush Mountains swat

During tirp to swat valley you can explore the biggest mountain range in the word. Many tourist come to explore the beauty of Hindukush Mountains. They trek to mountains range of Hindukush mountains. The Hindu Kush is a chain of mountains in Central Asia extending to the west of the Himalayas. They are part of the boundary between eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.

Kalam Valley – Swat Pakistan

Kalam valley swat

Kalam Valley – Valley located across the Swat River in Swat, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of PakistanKalam Valley is famous for its magnificent waterfalls, lakes and lush green hills. It is one of the popular destinations for tourists. At 29 kilometers (18 mi) from Bahrain and about 2,000 meters (6,800 ft) above sea level, the valley opens out, providing rooms for a small but lush plateau above the river. Tourist view mind blowing natural sceneries of Kalam Valley. Kalam valley has many high peak mountains which attract tourist to visit to Swat.

Kumrat Valley – Swat Pakistan

Kumrat valley Pakistan

Next on the list is the Kumrat Valley, Kumrat Valley falls in the Upper Dir District, just opposite to the Gabral and offers some of the most amazing locations. Above all, there is the abundance of streams and waterfalls here. The ideal location for base camping but if you are not comfortable with camping then there are some resorts and hotel after 3 hours trekking down the town. Every night falls with more relaxing and serenity in the lap of earth. One might experience with eyes closed, just reaching into the sense of tranquility from the sound of water gushing down the hill. Do Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, Jandrai, trek to Katora Lake, Kalkot Banda, Badagoi Pass are some of the most visited places of Kumrat.

Malam Jabba – Swat Pakistan

Malam jabba swat Pakistan

Malam Jabba is housing to one of the two ski resorts in Pakistan; the otherwise is at Naltar, Gilgit Baltistan. On the primary Madyan-Kalam moving, the traveling turns to the rightist at Manglor town.  Many tourist visit to Malam Jabba to enjoy the snow fall and snow festival in Malam Jabba. You can reserve the hotels and resort in Malam Jabba.

Mahodand Lake – Swat Pakistan

Mahodand Lake swat Pakistan

Mahodand Lake located at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam Swat Valley of Pakistan. Apart from a paradise-like vista of the 2-km long lake which snakes around the valley, tourists can feast their eyes on hundreds of big and small waterfalls, lush sceneries, meadows, clumps of pine and cedar trees, and snow-capped peaks in the distance. Book your tour to Mahodand Lake Swat with

Madyan – Swat Pakistan

Madyan Vally Swat Pakistan

One of the most popular hill stations of Swat is Madyan. The hill station is preferable for the tourist because of the Swat River and its surrounding. Tourist love to visit Madyan because of its delicious mouthwatering trout fish and amazing weather even in hot summer. Book your hotels and resort in Madyan.

Kandol Lake – Swat Pakistan

Kandol lake swat kalam

Kandol lake is located in the north of Utror valley at a distance of 20.8 kilometres (12.9 mi) away from kalam. Kundol lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Mount Hindu kush. It gives rise to utror Khwar, the major right tributary of the Swat River. Tourist visit to Kandol lake by trekking about 2 to 3 hours form Kalam. The best time to visit the lake is of summer when you can enjoy fishing and boating. Whereas, in winters the roads to the lake are blocked due to heavy snowfall.

Fizaghat Park – Swat Pakistan

Fizaghat Park swat

Fizaghat Park a favored tourist point at the place where they may enjoy the mouth watering food together with the pleasant climate. While visiting the Swat Valley it may be the exact primary tourist destination. What’s more, it’s located in the town of Mingora, nearly 3.6 km a way from the town. The racing water of Swat River with the panoramic landscape of the entire valley is truly observed through this point.

Shahi Bag – Swat Pakistan

Shahi Bag Swat Pakistan

A ideal picnic area of Swat is Shahi Bagh where tourist can have the calmness together with the many enjoyable climates. In Shahi Bagh Swat tourist spend their time and tourist want todo Barbeque here. Shahi Bagh is located in Gabral District Supplies a Perfect place Using a freshwater flow. For stay in Swat you can book cheap hotels in swat Pakistan.

Saifullah Lake – Swat Pakistan

Saifullah lake swat Tripkar

Saifullah Lake is still one significant source of the tourist attraction to Kalam Valley. Between the mountains, the green water pond has its worth for the nature lovers. Tourist want to take a seat at the atmosphere full of views Sifullah Lake. Saifullah Lake also the best place for fishing.

Saidgai Lake – Swat Pakistan

Saidgai lake swat

Next on the list could be your Saidgai Lake that’s surrounded by the astounding mountains of Hindu Kush. A perspective is formed by the black mountain . The lake is fed by glacial melt and it’s all but in a height of 12000 ft above the ocean. What’s more, it’s regarded as that the biggest lake in Swat.

Spin Khwar Lake – Swat Pakistan

spin khwar lake swat tripkar

Tourists are captured by the white water lake although slightly unexplored but retains a royal beauty. Spin Khwar Lake surrounded by gigantic Karakorum arenas and fed by glacial melt. More over, it is located at the west of Utror Valley and north west side of Kundol Lake. Tourist stay in Swat to explore the beauty of swat here you can view accommodation in kalam swat.

Usho Forest – Swat Pakistan

Ushu Forest Swat Tripkar

Usho is a village at Usho Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located 8 km (5.0 mi) in Kalam. Usho is famous for its cloudy and subtropical forest. Tourist appeal Mahodand lake is located 27 kilometers (17 mi) out there. In winter, the famed Ushu glashier blocks the only route to the Mahodand lake and this route is simply opened again in Summer, when the snow of this glashier melts and the police wipe of the remaining snow from the road. If you want to stay in Swat you can book 3 star hotel in swat with


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