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Top Hotels in Murree to Stay

One of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan that attracts many tourists from around the world each year is Murree. The pleasant weather and attractions like Mall road, Nathia Gali, Kashmir point, Ayubia and Pindi point are so tempting that tourists cannot resist visiting the city often. Also, the fact that there are a number of suitable hotels in Murree eliminates any issues regarding accommodation.

Following is a list of hotels in Murree which will provide you a perfect accommodation without breaking the bank! So consider them if you plan to travel to Murree for your vacations:

Punjab Huts

Punjab Huts located at Bhurban Road, Murree.


With Murree valley on one side and Kashmir Mountains covered with snow on the other, Punjab Huts is probably the best accommodation option for tourists. The exceptional view from Punjab Huts located at Bhurban Road along with the fact that it is the only commercial resort inside Murree Cantonment makes it one of the safest and peaceful hotels to live in. Mall Road, Patriarta and PC Bhurban are the tourist attractions nearby Punjab Huts.

Saif Lodge

Saif Lodge located near GPO Chowk.A great choice for travelers, Saif lodge provides all the necessary facilities for a comfortable living. Breakfast is served in rooms on request and onsite restaurant dining facility is also available. It is located near GPO Chowk in close proximity to Mall road. The CCTV facility makes Saif Lodge a highly safe place for tourists to live in.

Regent Hotel

Regent hotel is located Mall Road.Another great budget hotel with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable living is Regent hotel located at Cart Road. It is very near to Mall road and again, tourists who choose to stay at Regent hotel are at a convenience of traveling to tourist attractions like restaurants at Mall road, Kashmir point and Pindi point. The rooms are luxurious with air-conditioner and fitted wardrobes. So this could be a wise choice if you are looking for an affordable yet good hotel in Murree.


Oasis is surrounded by beautiful oak and pine tree forests.Surrounded by beautiful oak and pine forests, Oasis is one of those hotels in Murree which provides the guests with an amazing view while their stay at the hotel. It is situated at an altitude of approximately 2,291 meters, providing breath taking view of the Murree Hills. The rooms are very comfortable and staff is quick to respond. With a history of 18 successful years, Oasis is a great choice for tourists to live in when they visit Murree.

Grand Residence

Grand Residence is located at Mall road, Murree.The grand residence located at Mall road is a great accommodation for tourists. With all the popular restaurants and shops surrounding the hotel, you can enjoy the true experience of Murree. The facilities are good enough to help you experience a comfortable living with television, laundry services and car hire facility.

Lockwood Hotel

Lockwood hotel is located at the hill station in Murree.Lockwood Hotel is one of the most popular hotels among tourists who visit Murree. It provides all the basic necessities and boasts a beautiful view of the hill station. It offers a complimentary breakfast and fresh natural spring water. Free Wi-Fi is also provided in the hotel to enhance the guest experience.

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