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discover Pakistan's beauty

Discover Pakistan’s Beauty by Following Top Instagram Accounts

In this era of social media, where people are more connected via internet rather than in their real lives. Instagram is also an important and frequently used application. With the passage of time, Instagram has now gone viral in Pakistan as the world is now a global village. Everyone is busy posting about their lives, random activities they do in their everyday lives, different places they visit and a lot more happenings. Initially, it was common among the youth of Pakistan but nowadays everyone is pretty much interested in it. Pakistani has always tried to portray a positive and beautiful image of Pakistan especially on social media and following the trend they are also playing an important role in creating a brighter and positive image of Pakistan on Instagram as well. Tripkar brings you a list of top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan’s beauty:


One of the top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan's beauty is travelbeautifulPakistan.

On the top of the list stands the account “travelbeautifulPakistan”, this account is the perfect example of true reflection of Pakistan, the way it reflects the beauty of Northern areas, the beauty of mountains, the eye-catching views of different cities, the attraction of valleys, the elegance of people is just amazing and attracts many more people to experience all these attraction and beauty themselves.


One of the top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan's beauty is tripkardotcom.

Tripkardotcom is another famous account attracting many people from all over the world by showing the side of Pakistan only less people are aware of. This account is not only showing the images of Pakistan’s site-seeing views but also showing the images of everyday life of people. Tripkardotcom is working with the mission of empowering travelers in Pakistan by providing all needs under one platform. Following are some of the best pictures on this account but to have a look at their work and mission you must have a look at their account and the effort they are putting in to bring the brighter image of Pakistan in front of the world.


One of the top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan's beauty is tapujaveri.

One of the top instagram accounts to follow is @tapujaveri, the famous photographer besides doing his fashion photography is using his talent to show the beautiful image of Pakistan to the world. Tapu Javeri is the top fashion photographer of Pakistan and is being followed by national and international audience. His pictures on Instagram show the breath-taking images of Pakistan. He also shows routine life of Pakistan in his pictures.


One of the top Instagram accounts to follow to discover Pakistan's beauty is aabbiidd.

@aabbiidd stands fourth when it comes to categorize the accounts reflecting the beauty of Pakistan. The guy Abid Ali is famous for his own way of relating his beautifully and artistically captured pictures with the quotes of Rumi and some other famous people. He specifically portrays historic architecture and posts exceptional portrays of ordinary people. He captures routine life of people of Pakistan and presents them in his own way. His pictures demonstrate considerable skills and attract a great number of audiences.

These are just few of many people of Pakistan who are putting their effort for the love of their country, but their efforts mean a lot for the image of Pakistan. Visit and browse these top Instagram accounts to marvel at the beauty blessed my mother nature!

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