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Mobile apps to download while traveling.

Top Travel Apps to Fulfill your Wanderlust

Traveling is a fulfilling experience. You get to discover places and learn about new things. It’s nice to take a vacation every once in a while, but traveling is not all about enjoyment and fun. No one can deny that there is some stress and pressure involved, especially during the planning and booking stages. And when unexpected delays occur, such as flight delays, there are times that even other loved ones are affected, whether it’s coming from sudden schedule adjustments, safety concerns or other factors. So what do you do to minimize hassle? Along with preparing way ahead of time, you should also get some tools ready to get the most out of the trip. Given that almost everyone has a mobile device these days, apps are among the convenient tools to have for any activity. Thus, you should have at least one of the following top travel apps that belongs to each category listed below.

Weather Forecasts

Weather forecast mobile apps while traveling.

Do not, we repeat, do not ever forget to have a weather app in your directory. Amongst top travel apps for weather forecast is Go weather forecast and widget. Prior research about the climate of the place you’re visiting, for instance, can only do little. Weather these days is very unpredictable. All people can do are forecasts, and though these are still not reliable all the time, it is better to have them than nothing at all.

Travel-Organizer Apps

Travel organizer mobile apps.

Apps such as Tripit, which was mentioned by media group The Guardian, definitely make traveling easier by taking all your booking information and plans, and turning them into a single file for your convenience. Another is TripCase, wherein you may share itineraries and this can be useful for group trips. It also updates users about flight delays or changes so it’s a 2-in-1 travel agent-organizer app. This category also includes flight carrier apps that provide advisories, as well as others like Splittr, which helps friends share costs or split bills.

Language Mobile Apps

Duolingo mobile app.

No one escapes the language barrier, unless you’re fluent in all of them. But according to the group Linguistic Society, thousands of languages and dialects are spread all around the world, so even if you’re multi-lingual, there would be places that you still will be unfamiliar with how people talk. Language mobile apps are among the simplest of solutions. For example, Google Translate allows users to take a photo of a road sign and translate it for you, so you won’t have to spend minutes trying to talk to a local for such small information. Duolingo is another popular app, as well as Bravolol, which the Forbes magazine stated as a source of basic phrases from over 13 languages.

Navigation Support

Citymapper app for navigation

Never ever leave without a map. Back in the days that will mean a big, paper map, but now that the world is going mobile, map applications can do so much more than show you directions. There are ones like CityMaps2Go which also give suggestions on various attractions; Citymapper which is tied-in with road traffic situations and; LiveTrekker for the more adventurous and off-road enthusiasts. This category also includes an app recommended in the blog The Every Girl, called Around Me which helps you look for hotels, restaurants, shopping boutiques, and other establishments for your tour. Time Out is another identical app.

Perfect Travel Pictures

Picture perfect top travel apps for travel

Traveling is, of course, exploring and taking pictures is a part of it. Mobile apps including Instagram and Snapchat may belong in this category, but they are more like social media/sharing platforms than photo apps. In a previous post, we’ve listed apps for Perfect Travel Pictures, and apps like these are what you’ll need to save those priceless moments into memorable shots.


One of the top travel apps netflix on iOS.

If you’re a sleeper during travels and you can just sleep away transit times, then you’re not like most people. Usually, people need something to keep them occupied especially in long-haul trips. For entertainment, top travel apps include Netflix or Spotify. You can also play games to while away the time. Developers are now making games that have world travel themes or just plain exploration. For instance, the adventure game 80 Days takes you on a journey all over the globe in a narrative visual story style manner. Similarly, gaming portal Gala Casino  has a range of titles including the guessing game Around the World which lets you reach famous world landmarks after a series of correct choices. More popularly, Pokémon GO combines real world exploration and collecting cute critters. These types of games cater specifically to people with wanderlust.

Currency Converters

Currency converter application useful while traveling.

Download Tripkar app to never lose your bearings, overpay for your hotel or get crippled by jetlag again. Just one click away, book your hotel accommodation and compare multiple flight rates for a hassle free trip. Other top travel apps include currency converters like XE Currency, Wolfram Sun Exposure which help compute safe sun exposure duration. Moreover, Pack Point that generates a packing list of items, and basically other apps that of which you can last through a whole trip with relatively minimal access.

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