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Foreign tourist in Pakistan

Mind-Boggling Facts about Tourism in Pakistan!

Boasting a plethora of natural and cultural attractions, tourism in Pakistan is now rising. The country has a lot to offer: from majestic valleys to historical landmarks, rich culture to friendly people, Pakistan is one of those countries where one is likely to have a totally unforgettable experience.

These fun facts about tourism in Pakistan are definitely some things which will add to your knowledge!

Sirkatha Lake, Sapat Valley promoting tourism in Pakistan.

1- Lonely Planet, one of the famous travel guide publisher has stated Pakistan as the “Next Best Tourist Spot’ of the world tourism industry.

Lofty mountain peaks in Pakistan.

2- Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has a seasonal bus service the records of which show that over twenty thousand tourists visit Naran on weekends while over 2000 travel to Naran during weekdays, making it one of the most visited tourist spots in Pakistan.

Telenor tour to Khunjerab Pass by Tripakr.

3- A report published in 2013, stated that the tourism industry in Pakistan created 3,562,500 jobs in the economy. This makes up 6.2% of total employment.

Second highest mountain peak in Pakistan

4- Some of the world’s highest mountain ranges lie in Pakistan,  the Hindu Kush, Pamir, Karakoram and the Himalayas. The sharp mountain peaks attract thousands of thrill seekers every year. With the distinction of being above 8000 meters high, these lofty mountains are high on every tourists adventure check list.

Khewra Mines one of the famous tourist spot in Pakistan

5- Pakistan has the second largest salt mine and the 17th largest desert in the world. Both are remarkable destinations that attract both local and foreign tourists.

Karakoram highway promotes local tourism in Pakistan

6- Also known as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, the Karakoram Highway is one of the most popular tourist routes in Pakistan. Constructed at a height of fifteen thousand feet between China and Pakistan, this passage weaves through lush green hills and mountains.

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Pakistan

8- Referring To Pakistan’s rich historical patronage, some of the monuments built in the Mughal Empire are the highlight of the tourism industry. Landmarks such as Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Fort and Shalimar Gardens situated in Lahore are marked by United Nations as the cultural heritage of the world.

Swat Valley, beautiful tourist destination in Pakistan

9- Some of the finest sightseeing and tourist spots in Pakistan are the northern areas. The country is blessed with all sorts of geographical topography, including mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, water falls and lush green meadows and forests. Places like Swat, Ziarat and Skardu are famous travel destinations which promote tourism in Pakistan.

Harappa, tourist site in Punjab, Pakistan.

10- A report published by the World Economic Forum, ranked Pakistan among the top countries that attracts tourist from all over the world. Some of the famous sites pertaining to Pakistan’s anicent history include Mohenjo Daro, Harappa and Mangroves, mostly visited by many for its ancient and mysterious existence.

Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

11- Lahore is one of the top five tourist sites of Pakistan, the other four being Taxila, Karakoram Highway, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Karimabad. Lahore is home to the world’s famous historical monuments and numerous food streets, making it an exceptional tourist attraction for both local and foreigners.

Telenor multan trip by Tripkar.

12- A forecast by International Air Transport Association (IATA) states that the domestic air travel in Pakistan will grow at a surprising rate of approximately 9.5% annually for the next 20 years, which is almost twice the growth rate of world’s average. This shows that domestically, tourism in Pakistan is progressing at an exponential rate.

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