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Foreign visitors visiting Pakistan.

One Million Tourists Visited Northern Areas this Season

Northern areas of Pakistan are one of the top-most visited tourist spots in the country. The region has awe inspiring sceneries and mesmerizing views. From stunning villages to lofty mountain peaks to lush green meadows and picturesque waterfalls, northern areas of Pakistan are a must visit. Places such as Hunza Valley, Shigar Valley, Gilgit and Swat are known as visitor’s paradise.

Tourism is gradually getting a boost and this season almost one million tourists visited northern areas of Pakistan.

Tourists visited northern areas this season.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has reported an increase of 25% in both local and foreign visitors to northern areas. The corporation believes that the measures taken by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has played an important role in improving law and order situation in the northern region. Around one million tourists visited northern areas of Pakistan mainly Naran, Gilgit, Skardu and Swat.

If taken the right measures, Pakistan can become the up and coming tourist destination as the country is blessed with magnificent topography, including the world’s highest mountain with the distinction of 5 peaks above 8000 meters and the largest glacier on the globe. The natural topography also includes waterfalls, valleys, turquoise blue lakes and various camping sites for nature enthusiasts.

Seemingly with such positive affirmative, PTDC is now planning to provide better facilities and hotel accommodation. There are further plans to devise a joint strategy with the government to improve security measures in the adjoining areas. As of right now, there are 39 hotel chains and three restaurants limited to northern areas. The corporation also plans to focus on foreign tourists and travelers to visit Pakistan, and encourage activities such as trekking, hiking and mountaineering for adventure seekers.

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