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travel first aid kit

Travel First Aid Kit

Traveling is supposed to be fun and that’s the way it should be for everyone. Yet if you are prone to allergies or tend to get sick while traveling to new places, it can turn into a nightmare! The best thing you can do to avoid this is to take proper precautions before and while traveling and prepare well in advance for any sort of emergencies. A good travel first aid kit is very handy in dealing with minor sicknesses, bruises, cuts and wounds, making it a must have for any traveler.

Tripkar brings you top 5 items that a good travel first aid kit must have:


Bandages for small cuts and scratches.

This goes without saying! Especially if you are planning to take a trip up north, or going anywhere for hiking, trekking, surfing, cliff diving or swimming, minor cuts and bruises are part of the deal. Always bring along a generous amount of bandages or plasters to tend to your wounds or bruises, as professional medical help might not be readily available in these areas.

Antiseptic wipes

Antiseptic wipes to prevent germs and bacteria.

It’s bad enough already that you have a wound, why risk getting it infected and making things even worse? Always carry some antiseptic wipes with you, to clean your wounds and bruises properly.


Tweezers to remove splinters.

No, it’s not because you will have to pluck your eyebrows on the go. Tweezers can come in handy by helping you remove any sort of stones, dirt or splinters which may have come in contact with your wound without the risk of infecting it. Be sure to clean your tweezers with an antiseptic wipe before using them.

Antibacterial creams

Antibacterial creams for allergies and rashes.

These creams are good for applying on wounds, cuts and bruises. They don’t just help in preventing bacterial infections but help you heal your wound quicker.

Pain relief medication

Panadol for headaches and fever.

You don’t want to miss out on an amazing day of sightseeing just because you had a headache. Be sure to put some pain relief medicines in your first aid kit. Panadol, Disprin, or any other pain relief medicine you usually take will do the trick! Also take some medicine which gives you relief from fever, as traveling to a place with a different temperature can often upset your body temperature.

Follow these useful tips to travel safe and hassle free!

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