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Travel Hacks to Make Traveling Easier

Traveling can be a cumbersome experience for those who do not travel too often but some clever travel hacks can help you to not only save time but also money. Tripkar asked their frequent travelers to share travel hacks that have made traveling easier for them and here are the top 7 travel hacks that we came up with!

Pack Essentials in Your Carry-on

travel hacks

You may like to travel light but it’s a good idea to keep some essentials in your carry-on in case your luggage goes missing. A change of clothing, all your valuables, chargers and some toiletries are a good place to begin.

Roll Your Clothes

travel hacks

Airlines now only allow specific sizes for your luggage which can be quite a constraint for those who like to travel with a lot of luggage. A good trick is to roll your clothes while packing instead of folding them, you are sure to save a lot of space!

Fill Your Boots

travel hacks

Another great space saving hack is to utilize the space inside your shoes. Shoes can take up a lot of space while packing, fill your shoes with small items such as socks to make more space.

Stop Bottles From Leaking

travel hacks

We know there’s always some essential liquid item that you cannot travel without may it be your shampoo, conditioner or cosmetics. But nothing ruins a holiday like a spilt bottle in your luggage, use cling film to seal your bottles and save your luggage.

Keep Cables in a Glass Case

travel hacks

Wires somehow always end up getting tangled and it can be time consuming to untangle them. A simple hack to avoid tangled wires is to store all your chargers and cables in your glasses case.

Make Your Luggage Unique

travel hacks

Make your luggage easily recognizable and unique by adding a sticker or ribbon. This minimizes the risk of confusing your luggage for someone else’s and the chances of someone walking away with your luggage .

Keep Your Money Safe

travel hacks

It’s always a good idea to keep some extra cash with you while traveling. However, no one wants their money to be stolen. A clever hack is to roll up extra cash in an empty cream bottle to keep it safe.

Hope these travel hacks will help you in your future adventures. Happy traveling from TripKar!

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