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Jot down your travel experience and refresh your memory.

Travel Journals: Sources of Inspiration and Enlightenment

It should be noted, that all historic travelers were inspired to write and share their journeys. Although their journeys were groundbreaking or lead to discoveries, our trips in the summer might not bring the same effect when they come to writing. However, it was the feeling of discovery that instilled greatness into the writings of the legendary travelers, and that effect can still be brought. Travel journals can be really inspirational and fruitful, read on to learn why that is.

Travel journals for enlightenment and record keeping.

Travelling can be tedious and getting to a certain destination can take a lot out of you. In order to occupy one’s mind, writing is a great activity. During a long trip, take out your journal or smartphone and start writing about your experience. If you are able to communicate your feelings while being in that place you will have created a piece of art. The reason for that is simple, every person has their own perspective and sharing yours about a particular place will make your work original and hence be considered art-worthy.

Another plus to keeping a travel journal, perhaps the most obvious, is the inspiration. By this, I mean being inspired yourself, and also inspiring the readers. When you are able to write about your individual experience of a certain place you actually get a better understanding of it yourself, which can actually give you goosebumps (I speak from experience). Moreover, giving a new perspective to the same location or destination will also inspire your readers to travel or re-travel to the places you’ve been and try to feel what you have felt. Travel journals have long been a source of common inspiration, an example being the Great Marco Polo whose writings inspired the Europeans to discover the Central South East Asia.

Documenting your travels can never go to waste. At the time Ibn Battuta and Ibn Jubayr travelled the world, travel journals were not even popular. Their initiative gave birth to a whole legacy of great Arab travel Literature which to this date influences the way we explain our travels.

Sometimes, writing can be for the purpose of just recording your travels. Personally, I would say it is more of a philosophical follow up to your travel experience. When you write about your journey, you find a deeper meaning to a journey you might not have set on with the same intent. Similarly, reflection on yourself and on the world around you is much more evident when you translate sensations into words. Such writing gives you a better understanding of why some places hold importance or why the act of travelling is so great.

Travel journals enhance your travel experience. To make your travel experiences more convenient and coordinated, Tripkar offers the best deals and rates so you can enjoy your trips to the fullest. Happy travelling!

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