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Travel Pakistan: Reasons to Visit the Land of Lively People

A country whose beautiful colors are eclipsed by dark smudge of terrorism, extremism and political instability, still holds its inner beauty; beauty worth gazing, beauty worth exploring and beauty worth traveling for. Pakistan is among those countries, which have all the perks, to be regarded as travel holics’ ultimate destination.

Irrespective of all the negative connotations which are being allied with Pakistan, no one can deny the fact that the country is a country full of life; pertaining to its history, culture, tradition, folklore and natural abundance. All these things, engrossing their own colors, make this land a dreamland for travelers, where they not only have prospects to quench their traveling thirst but also have equal chances to dip in another thirst; thirst to visit and travel to Pakistan again and again!

Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and Gilgit Baltistan– all are enriched with striking views, from thick forests to golden deserts and daring peaks to fresh blue lakes. Each province of the country has its own significance and colors to attract travelers, making each nook and corner of the beautiful land worth exploring. If one has to describe “the land full of life” pertaining to its attractive points to pitch travelers, then it can be divided into three parts.

Natural Beauty

Mother nature has blessed Pakistan with natural beauty.

Pakistan is a country where nature has left no stone unturned to make it a marvelous creation of nature. Starting from gorgeous lush green dale to sweltering deserts, sky high mountains to deep marine life, rough plateau to plain, our country has every feature of natural beauty. Northern areas of the country, like Swat, Gilgit Baltistan, Kaghan, Naran and Neelam valley etc., with beautiful orchids, snow cladded mountains, spouting rivers and dales engrossing flowers, are center of attraction for nature lovers’ tourist. There are plenteous places here, hiding natural beauty, that one can spend its whole life for discovering the treasure of natural beauty.

Historical Treasure

Explore historical treasures in Pakistan.

Our country is part of a land which has endured numerous subsequent invasions from outside and witnessed boom of numerous civilizations; making the country a land full of historical treasures. There are marks of Indus valley civilization, Mughal rule, Buddhist dynasty etc., and all these marks are spread across the provinces. So, those tourists who have fondness for past and feel cherished by studying different aspects of history also find our country quite amazing travel destination and, despite of travelling issues, they don’t find it difficult to unfold the breathtaking regions.

Cultural Charisma

Various colorful cultural programs are held all over the nation.


Pakistan is a culturally enriched country; having as many colors of culture as are different ethnic groups here. Besides having ethnic enriched culture, every province also has its own strong cultural and traditional set-up, along with basic cultural patterns, hence; making it a nation drenched in spell bounding colors of culture. From the Chilam Joshi Festival in Chitral to Horse and Cattle Show in Lahore, Jashn-e- Nauroz in Hunza and Shandur Festival at the highest polo ground in the country, the liveliness of the people is depicted in the cultural festivals across the country. Deepened cultural identity of this country is also a point of attraction for tourist from all over the world, who feel attracted towards colors of culture and yearn to explore them. Their need to explore the cultural augments of the country again makes it an amazing travel destination.

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