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Travel Photography – Tips & Tricks

Are you an inspiring professional photographer looking for some advice to improve your skills? Or are you that person that brings his DSLR camera along while traveling and your friends make fun of you by saying, “Yaar DSLR kya ley lia, apnay aap ko photographer hi samajhna shuru ho gaye ho”? (You think you are a photographer just because you own a DSLR camera?). Tripkar brings you a list of tips regarding travel photography for you to click some beautiful pictures and relish memories!

Do Your Research

Before traveling to any destination, research about the famous sites there. Do your homework about the culture and practices of the place you are traveling too. Try to find out what is unique or distinct about that place, and capture it through your camera. This will make your photos look unique and stand out!

Tell People Something New About the Place

People get confused by what is meant by taking unique picture. Imagine that you are visiting the Kalash Valley. We all know that the people living there wear a unique style of clothing. Its okay to take a few pictures portraying that but don’t make it the major message of your photography, because that would be just boring! Instead look into the rituals they perform or the festivals held in the valley. Discover something new through your lens and let the world see it through your photos.

Interact with the Locals

Hit up a conversation with the taxi driver or the vendors and shop keepers. Talk to them about how life is like in the area. You will be able to learn a lot from them. Incorporate these aspects into your photography, to make it more interesting!

Bird Eyes View

It’s always a good idea to take an aerial shot of the place you are visiting. Try to find a suitable point which oversees the entire area, and capture it through your lens! This does not only look cool, but it will give the viewer a better idea of geography of the place.

Work with the Light

The best photographs are taken one hour after the sunrise or one hour before the sunset. Try to take as much photos as you can in these times for some spectacularly scenic shots!

Get to Know Your Camera and Carry the Essentials

If you are new to photography or you have bought a new camera, get the hold of its functions before you travel. Do not forget to pack extra batteries for the camera, a travel adapter, and a laptop and optionally an extra hard drive to back up your images. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling to lose all those amazing photographs you took just because you forgot to make a backup!

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