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Photo editing apps for travel pictures

Apps to Download for Perfect Travel Pictures

Pictures hold a special value for people because they help them remember some of the best moments of their lives.  However carrying a professional DSLR camera while traveling can be tedious. You don’t need to bring a professional camera thanks to the technological advancements. There are a number of applications that can create fantastic travel pictures which will make everyone fall in love with your captures!

While you will find photography apps on all the platforms, it is better if you have an iOS or Android phone because most of the apps are supported by these platforms. So in order to capture great pictures of your vacations to any travel destination, Tripkar brings you a list of useful picture editing iOS and android apps:


PhotoCaddy application for travel pictures

PhotoCaddy application is available on two popular platforms including iOS and Android. PhotoCaddy is probably the best photography application for travelers. The application is basically an adviser that provides tips regarding how to edit and create new pictures.With over 500 professional tips, there isn’t any moment you cannot capture perfectly. Also, the global user tips section allows people to share and discuss new features among themselves. Although the app has to be purchased, you will eventually realize it was worth paying for!


VSCO cam android application

VSCO cam another popular photo editing app lets you create beautiful pictures. The application has a variety of filters and editing options that enable the users to turn an ordinary picture into something exceptional. Despite the app having a user friendly interface, you can develop amazing pictures if you are aware of the functions and have a decent know-how of editing. Also, the app is available for free!


Snapseed picture editing application

From very basic editing to strong, photoshop-level changes, Snapseed is an all-in-one solution. This free app is available on both platforms iOS and Android and despite being such a powerful app, it is not at all difficult to understand and use.

Posing App

posing app used for various poses

A user friendly app that lets you capture beautiful travel pictures. The application has an inbuilt camera interface that adjusts light and filters accordingly. Posing app also advises you on how to pose for a good picture, however, the app might cost you a few bucks. But if you want to get professional advice on what poses to make in various scenarios, you must have this app when you go on a tour.


Photo timer app for travel selfies

A selfie might not always be a good option when there are too many people. For this reason, TimerCam is an app for iOS users that enables them to set a timer of upto 300 seconds. What makes this app stand out from others is that the timer has an audio countdown to help you take the perfect travel pictures. For Android users, Self Camera Timer is a similar app on Google Play store.

Whether you are going on a long trip or a weekend getaway, charge your phones and download these useful apps for a hassle free tour. However, for a tourist friendly accommodation or flight/international hotel comparison, download Tripkar app and gear up for your perfect travel experience.

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