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Foreigners visiting Pakistan

These Travelers decided to visit Pakistan, here is why!

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and historic riches but plagued by terrorism, extremism and political instability, the country is still visited by many. Irrespective of all the negative connotations, Pakistan is a country full of life, history, culture, tradition, folklore and magnificent topography. Travelers can find striking views, enchanting forests, golden sand dunes and turquoise blue lakes and rivers meandering around lush green meadows and pastures. Here is what foreigners in Pakistan had to say about their experience:

Foreign tourists visiting Pakistan.

Two young tourists Alex and Sebastian in their 20s decided to quit their jobs and travel around the world. They decided to visit countries whose beauty is eclipsed by dark smudges of terrorism and instability including Iran, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. The backpackers from United States and Netherlands respectively, decided to stay in Pakistan for 6 weeks. The duo visited urban cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and northern areas. However, Alex and Sebastian loved Lahore-The city of gardens. They found people to be extremely friendly and hospitable. Here is what they have to say about Lahore:

“It’s a big city, but the people are super friendly… and perhaps dangerously hospitable. Despite it being Ramadan, people showed us around every day, and stuffed us with more food than we’ve eaten in our entire lives. We made some great friends in the process, and really hope to head to Lahore again soon.”

Foreigners in Pakistan.

Lone Georgian, another foreign tourist and a professional photographer visited Pakistan and loved our incredible country! The tourist found the people to be extremely hospitable and enjoyed her trip immensely pertaining to her interest in rich cultural history, diversity and breath taking scenery. Here is what she had to say about Pakistan:

“Enjoy your Independence Day celebrations! You should be (and are!) proud to live in such an incredible country, with so many beautiful people and places. Just remember that with independence comes responsibility. Celebrate the day to its fullest … but make sure to clean up afterwards! Pakistan is a beautiful country, and you need to take care that you don’t spoil it by leaving trash everywhere.”

World travelers visiting Pakistan.

Sophee Southall, an Australian travel blogger decided to visit Pakistan for two weeks however, due to flood and the ensuing damages her visit extended to three weeks. She sought this as a blessing in disguise. Sophee spent a whole day at Boriath Lake and couldn’t get enough of its magnificent beauty. She socialized with villagers, explored glaciers and ate fresh apricots and apples plucked from the trees. Some of her unforgettable experiences in Pakistan included eating ‘parathas’, the blissful sunset views and mesmerizing topography. However, she found Karakorum Highway to be the jewel of Pakistan. The winding roads surrounded by lofty mountain peaks and iridescent lakes formed an awe inspiring experience for her! Here is what Sophee Southall has to say about her trip:

“Within minutes of crossing the Wagah border, where I enjoyed a friendly chat and cup of tea with the security staff, my impression of Pakistan started to change. By the end of my trip, it had done a complete 180. The locals treated my travel buddies and me like family; we were granted unconditional hospitality of the highest order. I never felt unsafe and, even as a Western female tourist, I felt valued and respected. It was a heart-warming and enlightening experience.”

American traveler visiting Pakistan.

World traveler Cynthia Ritchie hails from US, she first visited Pakistan in 2010 and currently divides her time between her home country and Pakistan. Besides visiting Pakistan many times the traveler seems to be enchanted by our colorful diversity, hospitality, historical landmarks and marvelous beauty! However, Ritchie has found some challenges in Pakistan including disparity in education, health care and gender discrimination. Nevertheless, she remains hopeful and positive about the country’s future. Here is what Ritchie has to say about Pakistan:

“Common factors between American Southerners and Pakistanis: we value our faith, family and food. We are known for our hospitality and we love our tea!”

With so much love and hospitality, Pakistan is a country to marvel! book a hotel online anywhere in the country with TripKar and visit Pakistan that has so much to offer!

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