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Traveling in Pakistan – Transport You Must Try

Pakistan is host to some very funky and area specific transports that poses as an adventure. Due to influence of various countries and having survived many generations, now a collection of intriguing transports wait for you on your visit to different parts of Pakistan. Here are some common ways for traveling in Pakistan:


traveling in Pakistan through rickshaw

Still one of the most commonly used transport for traveling in Pakistan. The rickshaw is a three wheeled vehicle and is built for commercial travel. The tight and uncomfortable seating is only a small drawback compared to the thrilling adventure that awaits you. The thrill factor increases exponentially when more people are inside the rickshaw. These vehicles also feature interesting drawings and quotes which are guaranteed to make you laugh or just ponder over them.

Tanga (Horse Carriage)

Taanga in Pakistan

We acquired horse carriages from the days when British used to rule over the sub-continent. The Tanga is essentially a cart driven by a horse and gives you a much different experience of traveling in Pakistan. It is a commonly used form of transportation in rural areas, villages and small cities. For entertainment purposes only, these horse carriages can be found in New Food Street and are also sometimes featured in the groom’s entrance on themed weddings.

Qing Qi (Ching chi)

QIng Qi at Pakistani roads

Similar to rickshaw is the Qing Qi. Originally a Chinese public transport that was imported by Pakistan. It is driven by a motorbike and features an open air travel like no other, while sounding exactly like the rickshaw. The Qing Qi is found in most cities and is widely used for travels between two fixed points, known as the Qing Qi system.


traveling in Pakistan through buses

Made with extreme skill, local buses are a piece of Pakistani art. They are also easily the most over-crowded public transport. If you ever want to be buried in a sea of faces, literally, please do try the local bus. The upside to travelling in a bus is that you pay an almost immaterial fee, and if you know how to pick-pocket, you’ll also be a few wallets richer when you get off!

Metro Bus

Metro bus Lahore

A service recently launched in Lahore and Islamabad, the Metro bus (albeit slightly overcrowded) is a great way of getting around the city at the minimum of cost. For a meager Rs.20, the Metro Bus Service can take you around the city. With the new infrastructure development, the bus route ensures that you don’t get stuck in traffic reaching your destination in minutes.

Each of these transports offers a different experience so when in Pakistan, do as the Pakistanis do. Also enjoy the new cab service trend that is rising in Lahore. Be sure to have your hotels reserved through us though, as the experience won’t be as fun for an over-crowded hotel. Happy traveling from Tripkar!

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