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Winter Wonderland: Skiing Trip to Shogran

TripKar arranged a trip to Shogran in the cold December weather where temperature drooped to -15 degrees each night! The place was covered with little flurries of snow, twirling and swirling with such beauty, that you can’t help it but feel captivated by the scene.

The tour left from Lahore at late night and reached Shogran in the afternoon after stopping for breakfast. Reaching the hotel was a journey in itself taken on jeeps.

trip to shogran

Upon reaching the hotel, the view was truly mesmerizing.

trip to shogran with Tripkar.

On the first day, the group got to enjoy skiing at the snow covered mountains of Shogran.

trip to shogran Pakistan

After a night of rest, the group left for a trek where they were literally knee deep in snow.

Trip to shogran.

After this amazing snow adventure, the group was ready to leave for the warmth of their homes but the journey wasn’t over yet! On the way back, we made some stops which included the beautiful Kewai Lake, Kunhar River and Ilyasi Mosque.

Beautiful waterfall in Shogran Pakistan.

All in all, the trip proved to truly be a winter survival trip filled with adventure, laughter and fun.

Visit to Shogran, Kaghan Valley Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Book a tour with Tripkar to enjoy a fun filled winter vacations to this beautiful hill station, Shogran situated in Kaghan Valley.

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