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TripKar with Marham

TripKar with Marham

When you are traveling up north, there is more than just the concern of not being able to trek. In the recent few decades, the concept of back-packing has settled well with us Pakistanis. It is more than just a tradition to take a hike up north once every year. The purple, snow-capped peaks of Himalayas gasp wonder and beauty for the people of Pakistan.

Wherever you might be planning to head, after the recreational pleasures that you might be planning to dwell in, health is one of the priorities that we tend to neglect, after deciding what to tread with. Therefore, while we might be busy packing the essentials we will need to keep ourselves light and ready for the trip, there is a small part of the suitcase that should be devoted to first-aid. In order to keep your health intact and enjoy the travel destinations, there are 5 things you might need to look-out for an overall enthralling experience.

Consult your General Practitioner for a Healthy Trip

Consult your General Practitioner for a Healthy Trip.

A quick trip to your personal doctor can help you discuss your case history and the particular health risks you might be predisposed to. After a clear assessment, they will be able to share with you the requirement for vaccines and antimalarial tablets.

Much like any other country, Pakistan has its own sets of infections and therefore, the check-up will be able to guide you regarding any medications that you might need to take along with you when the mosquitoes strike. If you find yourself at a cross-roads with having no contact to any general practitioner, you can book an appointment online on the web or application platforms of  MARHAM – Find a Doctor.

Use Bottled Water for a Healthy Body

Use Bottled Water for a healthy body.

People who often face the trouble of developing diarrhoeal disorders while travelling to other cities of Pakistan are normally tagged with having a light stomach, with no resilience to the changing aqueous environment. If you are one of them, then you should always travel with bottled water and prevent sipping the icy cold and refreshing water of Abshar or the invigorating wells of Cholistan.

A Change of Socks for Healthy Feet

A change of socks for healthy feet.

More often than not, we are faced with the trouble of hikes that continue for days before you are able to find fresh sources of water for rinsing your body. Fungal infections, therefore, are common amongst travelers. In order to save yourself from the hassle of infected feet, keep a change of socks pair, sanitizer for maintain your hygiene of hands and feet, and some common anti-fungal creams (after consultation with dermatologists).

Carry Energy Bars with you for a Powerful and an Uninterrupted Hike

Carry energy bars with you for a powerful and an uninterrupted hike.

While travelling to new cities and mountains, we often are faced with the trouble of decoding what ‘nearby stop’ might mean. Because the inhabitants are used to travelling the terrain every day and swiftly, it will take you more than the usual to travel the same distance. Therefore, make sure you always carry a bottle of water and energy snack bars or peanuts with you for snacking during trekking or hiking, to keep the glucose pumping.

Carry first-aid Kits for a Healthy and a Quick Fix

Carry first-aid kits for a healthy and a quick fix.

It cannot be emphasized enough, how important it is to be able to tend to your own wounds. Tragedies befall, when the person is least prepared (or so it always seems). Carrying a bottle of any antiseptic, all-purpose painkillers and anti-allergic tablets can help you streamline your infections and treat them in time, before they get worse.

However, if you find yourselves trapped with a broken knee or leg with an internet service provider, log onto Health Forum and post your query for immediate response and pre-hospital treatment of the wounds. With a database of up to 6500+ doctors with versatile specialties under their belt, they will not be able to provide you with adequate treatment methods, but also important things to keep in mind about the injury, till you reach a hospital.  

There may be a lot of things that you get to hear from your family and friends regarding what is the best item you should be carrying, but keep in mind, health comes before. If you are sick, the calmest of places will be chaotic for you to thoroughly enjoy and be able to capture your memories.

Learn to make informed and healthy choices with MARHAM Health Blog and TripKar  with enthusiasm!      

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