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Ultimate List of Travel Movies

Travelling is a passion for many and definitely one of the most exciting lifestyles. However, a lot of us our way too entrenched in our lives to break out of the rat-race and live it the way we want. However, there is always one way you could live the life of a traveler without having to actually set off to South America; Movies. Hollywood has often used travel as a theme for many of its blockbuster movies. Tripkar brings you a list of some of the greatest travel movies for you to enjoy:

Into the Wild

Into the wild.

One of the greatest travel movies to watch out for is Into the wild. The story of a recent graduate who gives up all material comforts and a life of redundant boredom and hits the road eventually reaching Alaska. The movie leaves a strong message about independence as well as development of one’s character.

One Week

One week.If you have often contemplated leaving home to go on a road trip in order to understand yourself, you will be able to relate to this movie. Ben Tyler motorcycles through Canada and stops at many landmarks, all the while trying to figure out what her wants to do with his life.

The Bucket List

The bucket list.A great story that is sure to lend some perspective on the life we all lead. The movie has some powerful performances by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The two old men set out on a journey around the globe, and in the meanwhile realize what they have and have not in their lives.

Zindagi Na Mile Gi Dobara

Zindagi na milegi dobara.

Arguably the best travel movie to come out of Bollywood, ZNMGD recounts the story of 3 friends who go on a trip through Europe before one of them gets married. On the trip, they fall in love with beautiful women, understand the meaning of life and have the time of their lives – exactly the things a great trip is supposed to be composed of.

The Art of Travel

The art of travel.

If you are a loner, this is a great movie for you. Unlike other travel movies where we usually see more than one main characters make the journey, this particular movie has just one man travelling through Central America when his marriage fails.

Eat Pray Love

Eat, Pray, love.Julia Roberts extends a great message for all the beautiful, independent women and how a meaningful journey can make a hell of a difference in one’s life.

Motorcycle Diaries

Motorcycle Diaries. The story of how revolutionary leader Che Guevara went on a motorcycle trip that helped him figure out what he wanted to do with life. The movie gives us the message that to understand yourself, you have to lose yourself in something greater than what you are accustomed to.

A Map for Saturday

The Map of Saturday.This HBO documentary is a piece of art because it is so professionally shot yet so personal. It shows what being a vagabond is all about, and also instills the simple message is that the only thing keeping you from travelling around the world is your own self.

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