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The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for 2018

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List 2018

This year plan for something new! Whether your list includes floating in the dead sea, watching a Broadway musical, climbing mount Everest or hiking through dense forests unbeknownst your destination. This 2018 plan for incredible experiences and amazing itinerary to rejuvenate yourself! YES! you deserve it. TripKar brings you The Ultimate Travel Bucket list 2018 for you to start planning now:

Travel Bucket List Ideas 2018

Solo Travel – Travel Bucket List

Travel solo

There have been countless times when you plan on traveling with your friends and family, right? numerous plans made with excitement and motivation to execute it this time! However, majority of us know how those plans go awry at the last minute. But this 2018 make a travel itinerary for yourself and rest assured you will be surprised by the whole experience. Make a pact, this year you will experience life away from your comfort zone. Spend some quality alone time away from social media, gadgets and most importantly from peoples’ validation! Have the liberty to choose your own destination and alter it accordingly. Mingle with new people, learn a new language, explore the unexplored and live your fullest away from depression and anxiety. So ‘ditching’ others may have never sounded better?

Spend a Holiday in an Unexplored Destination – Travel Bucket List

Spend a Holiday in an Unexplored Destination.

2018 is all about exploring! YES. Get away from your dull office routine and plan a whole new adventure to the great outdoors. There is so much to explore and experience that will turn you into a whole new person. Those great encounters with the mother nature will definitely leave you reeling for more! Pakistan is most abundantly blessed by beautiful topography. From mountain peaks reaching sky high to crystal blue lakes to thick lush green forests and meadows there is nothing you won’t find here. There are so many unexplored destinations in Pakistan that you can visit as a solo traveler or with your friends and family. You can always return back to the regular hub bub of life but this, right now, is your chance to leave and rediscover yourself.

Hop unto a Road Trip – Travel Bucket List

Road trip

A totally unplanned road trip?! YAY.

All you need is an excited group of people and viola! the whole journey will be a memorabilia for you. Road trip may sound ordinary but the undeniable feeling of freedom?! nothing can replace that. Those wide open roads, mesmerizing views that makes you appreciate nature, enamored time spent with your friends and family and no particular destination in mind: ‘PERFECT’. Why is road trip on our ultimate travel bucket list 2018? By going on an inspiring road trip you are heading straight to the beautiful, the surreal, and the “wow, I can’t believe this place actually exists!” Better than narnia, right?!

Walk the Great Wall of China – Travel Bucket List

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China enamored by vivid history and glorious architecture, Great wall of China is one chronicle not to be missed! Why you should already be planning your trip to China? Because:

‘The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of the medieval world and the largest man-made structure ever built’

For centuries, it was built, re-built and expanded by successive dynasties in the Chinese empire. It stretches for more than 4,000 miles across Northern China and can be seen from space. Test your endurance this year! many visitors fail to walk even a mile on the great wall of China portraying a true challenge and what better than challenging yourself and at the same time appreciating the architectural marvel.

Packing bags already!

Taste a Country’s Famous Delicacy – Travel Bucket List

Not as easy as it sounds but there are countries famous for their unusual delicacies. And by ‘unusual’ we literally mean not to be tried by the faint-hearted.  But obviously if you are young, you are automatically obligated to do crazy things! first on our list of trying out a famous delicacy is none other than:

Fried Trantulas!

Fried Tarantulas in Cambodia

So if you suffer from arachnophobia you probably won’t be trying out these in Cambodia. However, many people have enjoyed the ‘ crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside with the flavor resembling a chicken’ fried black tarantulas delicacy  sold by street vendors in Cambodia.  But this is nothing compared to the:

Excrement Coffee!

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive gourmet coffee in the world

Kopi Luwak is the rarest, most expensive gourmet coffee in the world. Sounds divine right? It’s actually made from the excrement of an Indonesian cat-like creature called the Luwak. The creature eats only the ripest coffee cherries but it’s stomach can’t digest the beans inside so they come out as whole. Known for its special aroma the coffee is rather expensive and is sold at a starting price of $150 and above.  But who is up for some:

Tuna Eyeballs?!

tuna eyeballs in Japan

Yes, tuna eyeballs is a delicacy eaten in Japan and is known to taste like boiled eggs! There are countless other bizarre delicacies to try from birds stuffed into seals to sugar coated cockroaches to insect caviar, ‘yum’  so gear up for the experience of a life time! Besides, the tasty food- no pun intended, you do get to explore a new destination as well!

Do something Incredibly Spontaneous – Travel Bucket List

girl friend getaway

We all are guilty for making countless plans that have failed miserably! why not do something absolutely spontaneous?! Plan a crazy girls-only adventure trip to the north and have the time of your life! Go backpacking with your besties and reconnect!  OR pack a hammock and set it up in the middle of no where and dwell in to nature and freedom!

Rappel down a Waterfall – Travel Bucket List

Waterfall rappelling

A waterfall adventure this 2018? Definitely!

learn the technique and dwell into waterfall rappelling, why?! Because the whole experience is refreshingly exhilarating.  Before you opt for this thrilling adventure make sure you have had enough time to practice the technique. Once you have mastered descending the waterfall you are good to go! Be  prepared to get wet from the waterfall.  If this isn’t on your travel bucket list, then what is?!

Yoga Retreat – Travel Bucket List

yoga retreat in the rain forest

Be it celebrities, high profile politicians or renowned athletes around the world! no body can deny the astounding affects of yoga on your mental, physical as well as spiritual health. Why this should be on your travel bucket list?! Because there are enormous benefits. These retreats are usually located somewhere isolated amidst mother nature cut off from all the regular hub bub of life. Yoga haven retreats basically creates a more positive aura, improves progress and foremost reinvigorates you. And the much needed ‘detoxification’ from the digital world will turn you into a new person!

Walk on a Frozen Lake – Travel Bucket List

Frozen Lakes in Pakistan.

Incredible as it sounds, walking on frozen lake is a thrill you won’t forget. Especially during winters, frozen lakes are a sight to behold! The lakes up north in Pakistan turn into an ice rink ideal for skating and walking about. However, be prepared! snow trekk to the lakes up north is a tiring activity but totally worth it.

Sleep under the Stars – Travel Bucket List

sleep under the stars

No doubt there are some incredible hotels to stay all around the world, but there is nothing like sleeping under the stars. An ace blend of experiencing nature and that too with your close ones around, sums up to: ‘Exemplary’

Bathe an Elephant – Travel Bucket List

Bathe an elephant in Thailand.

Thousands of elephants are poached every year for illegal trading around the world. They are killed for their ivory tusks and usually made to leave there habitat for entertainment activities! what we can do is visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and not only have fun but you get to bathe an elephant! something totally different yet worth it. Spend a whole day around beautiful Asian elephants, learn about their glorious history, enjoy an elephant spa treatment for the whole day, interact with the royal creatures and bathe them!

Let us know what’s on your travel bucket list this 2018 and we will help you in making them true!


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