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What “NOT” to buy at the Airport!

Traveling has gained much popularity all over the world and airports are being more and more crowded as time passes by. Regardless of where you are travelling, conventional wisdom tells us to arrive at least two hours prior to the flight at the airport, to avoid any delay. Once you drop  your luggage and pass through every security control you have plenty of time available at your disposal. Be it the over priced and low quality small restaurants or souvenirs, airport lounges are usually designed to cater to travelers willing to kill time.

Here is a list of items, that you shouldn’t buy at the airport:

Airport Snacks and Bottled Water

Snacks and Bottled Water at the Airport.

The first on your not-to-buy list should be snacks which include chips, biscuits, energy bars and bottled water. The reason behind this is the unbelievable high price they charge for food and beverages. It is estimated that the airport prices are 50% higher than the items sold in the consumer market. So unless you are super hungry and cannot survive without water, do not buy these things and wait till you board on a plane.

Neck Pillows

You shouldn't buy neck pillows at any airport.

Airport shops try to take full advantage of travelers’ inconvenience during their waiting period. Neck pillows are usually high in demand while waiting and hence you are suggested to order them or buy them before beginning your travel journey. Realizing the fact that travelers would be willing to pay anything for it since there is no other alternative available, the shops at the airport charge a higher price and earn huge profits.


Compare prices before you buy Souvenirs at airport.

Plan ahead and buy souvenirs at the city shop or famous tourist spots, instead of buying them at the airport souvenir stores, where prices are ridiculously high and quality substandard. However, there are exceptions to this rule, some airports do offer unique gifts and commodities. Research thoroughly, check the airport’s website for offers on duty free products.Usually there are significant markups on items such as electronics, alcohol beverages and tobacco thus, cost comparison is necessary.

Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange not a good option at the airport

Airports are a lousy option for currency exchange. With higher transaction costs and lower exchange rates, travelers usually suffer unnecessary exchange rate loss. Better alternative is to plan ahead and get it done before you reach the airport or use an ATM machine to get the best inter-bank exchange rate. Unless you are too busy or you believe that currency exchange at the airport is a safe option, the loss can be compensated as a price for your convenience.

Magazines and WiFi

Not to use Wi-Fi or buy magazines.

Reading is a great way to relax at the airport lounge. However, buying magazines or books at the airport shops may not be a good option.They are overly priced due to high taxation and shipping costs. Also a bad option at the airport is the WiFi. The selected browser used by the airport charge hourly. Instead a better option is to go for mobile internet packages.

We want you to travel smart and have a lifetime experience, whether traveling abroad or within the country. So, stay updated with Tripkar for a similar tips and tricks for better travel.

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