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Why Patience is Necessary for Travelers.

Why Patience is Necessary for Travelers

So why patience is necessary for travelers? It’s easy to lose patience when you can’t stop imagining what it will be like to actually be in all the pictures you saw in travel magazines. It gets even harder when you’re travelling with other people, also anticipating like you, which aggravate the feeling. Once I went on the longest and most difficult and uncomfortable journey of my life up till now. It’s easy for me to say all this now, but staying patient on that ride up that mountain was excruciatingly difficult.

Tripkar brings you a few reasons to ponder why patience is necessary for travelers:

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

What every traveler needs to understand is that good things come to those who wait. While travelling, rushing the experience will definitely spoil it, which has happened to me almost every time I have traveled. Modern day travelers can take a page from the famous travelers of the past who took months to get to their destination and stayed there for days to really see it. These days the travelling hasn’t only become faster, it has become hasty. When I took a trip to Naran with my family, we went to some of the most breathtaking and enchanting places… for 15 minutes. Just looking at the destinations isn’t enough, there are pictures for that. Experiencing the destination is what makes your travel worthwhile and for that you need to be patient.

Get Used to Long Journeys

Another important lesson is that being impatient won’t hurry your flight; the speed of the vehicle is not in fact fueled by your agitation! Frequent travelers become accustomed to delayed flights or long bus rides as they realize it is a part of travelling. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and the journey will be the best part of the trip or just as good. There are times where the road to where you’re going isn’t that exciting; for such times write about your travel or, just simply reminisce. Reflecting on your travel can help distract you from your anticipation of the next destination and this way you get to learn from your travels.

Unfamiliar Places, Languages & Customs

So Why patience is necessary for travelers? Patience becomes necessary on international travels when you’re not familiar with the native tongue. It’s okay to be struggling with an unknown language but you have to learn to make the most of it. Sometimes you might not get a fork on the table but keeping it together is the only choice you have! Losing your cool every time you can’t get you message across will just spoil your trip.

People can learn a lot from a trip or a vacation, especially patience. All travelers will realize at some point that patience truly is a virtue! Of course I had a backache from the very rocky jeep ride up the mountain but when I reached Lake Saif Al Malook, it all went away and I truly got enchanted by the sight of the clear water in front of me. Surrounded by mountains and in the middle of the clouds I understood even at that young age that it was worth it. So be patient and enjoy traveling!

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