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WiFi passwords in airports now available around the world.

Now you can easily access WiFi passwords in airports!

Waiting for your flight with no internet access can turn into one of your worst travel experiences. Luckily, now waiting at the airport lounge is something you can look forward to! Travelers can now access WiFi passwords in airports around the world. Thanks to Anil Polat, a travel blogger and Computer Security Engineer has done the world a huge service. With great leaps in digital technology, travelers can now connect to WiFi at any airport around the world. Anil Polat has created an interactive map that reveals WiFi passwords of various airports globally. The interactive map is regularly updated and is available on iOS and Android.

Easy access to WiFi passwords on any airport around the world.

Users need to download the interactive map on their phones or tablets and find the designated airport. On clicking the airport identified by the map, users will receive specific direction as to where to sit and access the WiFi signals along with the password. With such ease and hassle free connection, say goodbye to annoying mobile data packages and hourly or expensive hotspot connections.

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