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Your Next Travel destination should be the Kund Malir Beach.

Your Next Travel Destination: Kund Malir Beach

Under the gentle warmth of the afternoon sun, surrounded by sublime natural formations exhibiting a perfect view, Balochistan, truly depicts natures’ disposition. Amongst the viridescent sand caricatures lies the Kund Malir Desert Beach in an exquisite appeal. A natural wonder wherein, desert meets the deep blue Arabian sea. Pakistan is filled with some of the most beautiful places to visit and explore. This vacation, bask in the sun’s glory and cool breeze at the beach and reminisce peace.

Kund Malir Beach situated in Hingol National Park, Balochistan.
Courtesy: Umair Ul Haque Photography.

Kund Malir Beach is located in Hingol National Park about 145 km from Makran Coastal Highway. The highway hosts one of the most scenic drives to remember! the road is surrounded by mountains with camels sauntering on one side.  You can also visit the beautiful Nani Mandir, one of the popular spots in Hingol. The Hindu sanctuary is surrounded by trees filled with colorful bits of cloth representing prayers and wishes to be fulfilled. Situated amidst the national park, the mandir accentuates an old hollow like feeling. However, Hindus from all over the world perform there pilgrimage at this temple. According to history, the Nani Mandir is almost 2.5 million years old and the name Hingol is basically derived after a cruel ruler who was executed by the Goddess. The temple is surrounded by mountains and a stream which is believed to host crocodiles.

Nani Mandir is a Hindu Sanctuary located in Hingol National Park.
Courtesy: Dawn.
Nani Mandir is a Hindu religious sanctuary situated in Balochistan.
Courtesy: Dawn.

Adjacent to the Nani Mandir is a small historical Mosque named as Mohammad Bin Qasim. The Muslim sanctuary holds immense historical importance in the Hingol region. It is believed Mohammad Bin Qasim, the Muslim conqueror first entered Sindh at this point. The Mosque was built to commemorate his feat.

Mohammad Bin Qasim Mosque is situated adjacent to the famous Nani Mandir.
Courtesy: Dawn.

Mohammad Bin Qasim Mosque.

Preceding the Nani Mandir, lies the Kund Malir Desert Beach. The delightfully soothing place offers accommodation and eatery options to its visitors. Tourists can dwell into crystal blue water and enjoy Balochi hospitality at its best.

The excursion does not end here, there is a famous ‘Princess of Hope’ statue in Hingol National Park. The name was given by the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie during her visit to Balochistan. The statue stands high in the mountain range along the Makran Coastal Highway and is surrounded by natural rock formation and gorges.

Princess of Hope statue is located high on the mountain ranges along with the Makran Coastal Highway.
Courtesy: Sajjad Nabi Babur.

Visit one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world and let us know your experience in the comments!

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  1. Most Indians would love to visit this beautiful land. What a pity that politics are making it difficult. Just imagine how much benefit it would mean to the country if hundreds of thousands of visitors from India spent time and money in this place every year. Since this national park is a clearly demarcated area, the governments should not have a problem allowing Indians into the area on clear understanding that they can only visit designated areas. Indians will be too happy to oblige. It will lead to better understanding among common people.

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