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Hunza Darbar Hotel

Hunza Valley, Karimabad, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

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About Hunza Darbar Hotel

Situated in the town of Karimabad, Hunza Darbar Hotel is located at close proximity to the recently renovated Altit and Baltit Fort which are great tourist attractions. A large sprawling building with 3 floors and magnificent mountains as the backdrop, the hotel is a sight to behold. The hotel lobby is decorated with traditional carpets and rugs adding to the cultural value of Hunza. Rooms at the Hunza Darbar Hotel are spacious with private balconies that offer a wonderful view of the surrounding area. Staff at the hotel is friendly and attentive to all your needs ensuring that your stay is comfortable. Guests can dine-in at the restaurant which offers traditional and international cuisines which can be served outside in the garden. For your safety, armed security personnel guard the premises at all hours.

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Imagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe
Map DataImagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe
Imagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe


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