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Massionette Firhill

Governer House Rd, Murree, Murree, Punjab, Pakistan.

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About Massionette Firhill

Maisonette Firhill Villas provide all sorts of guest entertainment facilities on-site including an indoor/outdoor cinema. Located near Governor House in Murree, boasting gorgeous views of the nearby tall pine trees and cloudy sky, Maisonette Firhill Villas are a family friendly accommodation, perfect for a relaxing getaway. The hotel is surrounded by dense pine forests and small shops where the guests can enjoy a stroll. The hotel has plenty of facilities including modern style rooms with television, telephone, clean wardrobes, urban style furniture and attached bathroom. The place also has a variety of culinary options for indoor and outdoor dining, inlcuding the famous Hotspot.

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PKR 10,000

1Room(s), 1 Guest(s), 1 Night(s)

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PKR 14,300

1Room(s), 1 Guest(s), 1 Night(s)

Honeymoon Suites

PKR 16,500

1Room(s), 1 Guest(s), 1 Night(s)

Queen Suites

PKR 25,300

1Room(s), 1 Guest(s), 1 Night(s)

Presidential Suites

PKR 27,500

1Room(s), 1 Guest(s), 1 Night(s)


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Imagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe
Map DataImagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe
Imagery 2015 CNES / Astrium, DigitalGlobe


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